Facing consistent login issues because of rate limit

We have the free auth0 account and have been using it for more than a year. For the past few days, we are getting this error too frequently. We haven’t changed anything related to auth for the past several months.

This is showing up only while logging in, never saw it during signups.

The auth0 Error logs are showing these errors

Our Mixpanel, or other integrated systems don’t suggest any traffic flow to our system that could cause such error.

Could someone please respond on an urgent basis? Our customers are facing this problem.

Hi @brijesh1 :wave:t2:

Rate limits for free tenants are very low, so it is possible too many people are logging in. You might need to clean up what you’ve built so far to make better use of your rate limits.

For example, at the bottom of your log screenshot, I see “Failed Login” with “missing required parameter”. They are caused by you redirecting users to /authorize without all the needed params, so you should read the log description and figure out what param your app is failing to send. This will help reduce your API usage.

Also, I see some failed silent auth logs. You should make certain these are not coming from the same user and session. Meaning, make sure that when your app receives a failed silent auth, that your app properly redirects users to your Auth0 tenant to authenticate.

If that isn’t the issue, then you might need to increase your session lifetime and/or your access token lifetime so that you do not make as many silent auth requests.

I hope that helps!