Auth0 login rate


We are getting a “Too many requests” error if we open our application in 10+ tabs.

We have a “Developer” plan, I want to ask if this issue is related to this and should upgrade the plan?

Thank you.

Hey there!

No it’s probably due to our rate limit policy or something related.

if we use “Persistent Session” is it consider like we are making another call to the API?

Or maybe this:
we are calling this every new tab or refresh
this.lock.getUserInfo(token, (error, profile) => (error ? reject(error) : resolve(profile)))

please see my comment @konrad.sopala @dan.woda

This may be the reason. Could you make sure you have marked the tenant as production in the tenant settings? If it isn’t selected as production, then the tenant will have lower rate limits.

Still, even in production settings you may have exceeded the limits as for user info endpoint, we have user ID based lower API rates as documented here. So it may be a good idea to share the user information on different tabs instead of making multiple userinfo API calls.


Thanks for helping on this one Saltuk!

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