Upcoming Rate Limit Enforcement on Management API v2 Help finding the API calls


I got an email about Rate Limit Enforcement(4th Nov) which is said that my project have exceed the limit. I’m having trouble finding which API calls have exceed the limit. Would someone be able to help by telling me which API calls exceed the rate limit? Or if there’s a log for the API calls so I can investigate the problem myself.

Andre Hermanto

auth0 client id: eS2HA6aSYnxCXFvo9bzHpV1DI6H1yw0l
auth0 domain: sgc.au.auth0.com

Hey @andre.hermanto93, I had a look at your tenant details based on the Auth0 domain provided.

The notification is flagged for this limit:

Basically if you have an SPA and in which a currently logged in user makes calls to management API whic h has a scope: current_user, have rate limits of 10 requests per minute per user.

Let me know if this helps!


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thanks for your reply

By user, do you mean each user that logged in have 10 requests per minute each or all account that logged in under sgc.au.auth0.com will be accumulated?

Hey @andre.hermanto93, Its per minute per user, So should be for each individual user

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One last thing, how do I know which API has scope of current_user? For example does
/api/v2/users under current_user scope?

Hey @andre.hermanto93, Please find the documentation around the Apis which have scopes for current user:

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