How to increase rate limit of Management API?

We’re testing Auth0 for our company’s authentication service. Everything is good except 1 problem: in our system, we allow user to list/create/update/delete another users in their organization. We intend to use Management API to deal with this. But Management API rate limit is only 50 requests/ second, that means we can’t have more than 25 users working on our system concurrently. Is there any way to increase this rate limit, for example subscribe a special plan?

That’s the limit for production accounts of paid subscriptions so as mentioned in the documentation you linked to that is already the maximum limit. However, have in mind that is per second so you would really have to have an unusual pattern of behavior to consistently hit those limits. In particular, most operations like creation and update require manual input of data so even a 25 people team would have to work really hard to continuously hit those limits in a way that it could not simply be handled by the application retrying after some wait time.