What are the rate-limits for Auth0 Management API V2

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In the docs it is mentioned that
For paid tenants, usage of the Management API is restricted to 15 requests per second (and bursts up to 50 requests).

  1. What is the limit for the below management APIs? As when I hit the API with Postman it seems to limit me to 10 attempts every few sec.

  2. I understand the rate is 15 requests per second. But what does a burst of up to 50 requests mean?

  3. Is the above rate limit per tenant, or per auth0 Paid Account

Currently in our application we have services that make use of the auth0 Management APIs for:

Get user 
GET /api/v2/users/auth0|<UserID>

Create user
POST /api/v2/users

Update user / Block user
PATCH api/v2/users/auth0|<UserID>

Delete user
DELETE api/v2/users/auth0|<UserID>

Because of this we would like to know more about the rate-limits of these APIs to find out how we can best avoid the issue of 429 “Too Many Requests” “Global limit has been reached”.

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Let me reach out to appropriate engineering team to get to know more about this limit!

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Hey there!

  1. Yep the limit is 10.

  2. That means you have a rate limit of 15 RPS, but it will allow peaks of 50 RPS. It’s important to mention that, even with the burst, you will still be blocked if you reach the per minute limit, which is the 15 RPS * 60 seconds.

  3. That’s per tenant.

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Thanks for the info ! :slight_smile:

No worries, we’re here for you!