Change or breakage in Management API v2 user search?

As part of our standard application functionality, when we do admin searches for users and when customer users log on, we perform a v2 management API search for the user record.
The fields we ask for in the search are:

The fields we’re getting back are:

That is, none of the requested user_metadata or app_metadata fields are coming back.

Is anyone else experiencing this? This was working correctly as recently as two hours ago.

If nothing has changed in your application and you are having issues with search, that may be related to a major incident that has affected over the past few weeks specifically Lucene searches on free accounts, you should contact support to see if its related to that.

If you have upgraded your application to use the API from v1 to v2, or switched on OIDC compliance, or created a new instance of your application that uses new Auth0 client (which would have create this with OIDC enabled) this will affect how metadata is returned.

Thanks for your reply.
We’re aware of the major incident around Lucene searches. That did break a bunch of features, but we were able to be moved back onto the DB cluster where those searches still work.
This is something else. The application in question has been running in production for almost a year. We’ve made no changes to this particular search functionality (which also engages when a user logs in, for application-specific reasons that aren’t really relevant here). Up until a couple of hours before I posted, that search had been working correctly for months.

If your application has not changed, I suspect things have either moved again, or there is a new incident causing search issues. Hopefully support will jump on this quickly.

Yes, we’ve opened a ticket and they’ve been pretty responsive so far.
They suggested a workaround which is simply to omit the list of fields you want back. This way you get back everything, including all the user_metadata and app_metadata subfields. This works. It’s probably somewhat inefficient, but we can live with it for now.

ok, cool, good to know.