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User Search API


Currently we are using api/v2 with respect to scope of read:users .
And to search any users we use the dashboard to search and do necessary actions
Do you anticipate any issue with this ? Since i dont see any deprecation notice in my logs right now, or can you let me know a better way to test my application how my application will behave after November 15th


Hey there @sowms16 , we recommend upgrading to the v3 version of the User Search to remain current with latest changes. We have documentation in regards to the the read:users aspect in V3 below that may help you in your quest. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Yeah , i have updated my API like
audience: https://${process.env.AUTH0_DOMAIN}/api/v2/,
{ search_engine: ‘v3’ },
scope: ‘read:users’
As mentioned in the documentation . But i wasn’t sure if anything specific needs to be done on Auth0 dashboard or how to test if im application will work as expected after Nov 15th ?


Everything should be good to go then. I’ll keep this thread open till after November 15th just in case you run into any possible issues. Thanks!


Not sure if its related , but the Logs in my dashboard is not getting updated . I can see the last update was 5hours ago


@sowms16 are you seeing any errors referenced in the console or logs?


I dont see any errors, Is there any possible delay to show up in logs ?


There shouldn’t be any delay in the logs. How are things running across the board @sowms16?


@sowms16 we do have an ongoing issue with slow logs which you can follow on our status page at as we are working to implement a fix


I wanted to touch base @sowms16 and see how everything is going at this point? The previous issue with ongoing logs has been marked as resolved by our team. Thanks!


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