Search User and Logs through management API.

Hello there,
I found that when I Lucene query search for api/v2/users?q=Abc It gives me result having Abc somewhere in the object. But when i do api/v2/logs?q=Abc I get an empty array. Not because logs don’t have Abc in the object but there is some problem with search on this end point.
Same problem exists for other Lucene searches like api/v2/logs?q=exist:Abc.pqr

I’ve been trying ´/api/v2/logs?q=update´ and the search works fine. Can you tell me where is this “Abc” you are trying to search? to what field belongs or a more especific case?

I am trying to search ‘/api/v2/logs?q=details’. I think details key is not indexd.

No, details field is not indexed. Do you want to retreive only the logs that have the detail field? What are you searching in the logs?