Experiencing Intermittent Management API call

I am reaching out to share an issue I’ve recently encountered with the Management API, which, until today, has been operating smoothly.

Over the past few hours, I have been experiencing intermittent errors when making requests to the Management APIs, such as POST v2/resource-servers/:id and GET users/:id/permissions. While debugging, I noticed something quite peculiar: without making any adjustments to my requests, they occasionally succeed with a 200 status code. However, for today, these successful attempts are rare and unpredictable – most of the time, I am faced with a 401 error, indicating an authentication issue.

Perhaps someone here has faced a similar issue or could offer insights into potential reasons behind this erratic behavior? It would really appreciate if anyone could offer a solution for this issue

I have managed to resolve it. It has to do with the generation and usage of my access_token where I have accidentally reused the same access_token that eventually gets expired