Sudden 401 error occurring on user creation request to management api


a few weeks ago we suddenly started seeing a problem in our production and staging environments where requests made to the auth0 management api to create a user fail with a 401 error.

The app contains a users page in which an internal user makes accounts for certain users, such as suppliers. When a user is created in this way, a call to the auth0 management API is made to also create the user in auth0, and a password reset email is sent to the new user. However, this 401 unauthorized error has cropped up for seemingly no reason; a release was made about a week before the error started, but all changes did not interact with auth0 at all.

Logs show that the auth0 management api token is successfully created, one every 12 hours. This error is especially confounding as it does not occur in QA or development environments. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.