Management API, access_denied, Unauthorized

I created an Auth0 Management API (Test Application) and created a postman request with exactly the same values (client_id, client_secret, etc) the Application Quick Start generates for us.
This request asks me to authenticate with the following response:

    "error": "access_denied",
    "error_description": "Unauthorized"

I also tried to run a user creation in the Auth0 Management API v2 page where you can try the functionality by click the “Try” button under “Test this endpoint” and it also fails with the same response described above.

What could I be doing wrong? Those values and queries are automatically generated by Auth0, so it should be ok.

Thanks in advance.

In order to invoke the Management api you need a token (even on the Auth0 Management v2 page). So I’ve just recently set this up. I registered my api and basically I am calling auth0 to get a token. Once I get a token I then invoke the management api

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