Management API v2 Frequently Down

Love the overall Auth0 experience so far!

I am however finding that the Management API will frequently go down on a request call with a “Error: Unauthorized undefined” message. This will happen roughly 20% of the calls made, and the other 80% it works fine.

Any ideas what’s going on, and why it’s failing so frequently?


Hi @hkang ! Which endpoints are you currently using?

Hey @lobo,

I’m using the following endpoints:

GET /api/v2/users

GET /api/v2/users/{id}

PATCH /api/v2/users/{id}

@lobo, Any more insights as to what might be the issue for the failures? Thanks!

which endpoints are you currently using that are failing? Have not heard this feedback all these days anywhere else. @hkang

hi @hkang we have no other users reporting issues with these… how often are you calling them? I am trying to find a different behavior on your case, given that this is the only case I’ve heard reporting this in the last weeks.

Hey there!

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