Logout redirects to Facebook (Rails)

Hi everyone!

I have one identity provider plugged in (Facebook), logout functions established exactly as it is described in QuickStart and logout link in the views as simple as /logout. And everything seems to work, user logs out from the app using the link, but logout redirects to facebook.com/home.php instead of root_url.

Am I missing something here?

Can you show your logout Controller / Logout helper? and, Did you add the url to the Allowed Logout URLs?

Hi @paulimar.angulo!
I checked that I have app url in the allowed logout urls.
Here’s the code:

class LogoutController < ApplicationController
  include LogoutHelper
  def logout
    redirect_to logout_url.to_s

module LogoutHelper
  def logout_url
    creds = { client_id: ENV'AUTH0_CLIENT_ID'],
    client_secret: ENV'AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET'],
    api_version: 1,
    domain: ENV'AUTH0_DOMAIN'] }
    auth0_client = Auth0Client.new(creds)

Hi @mail. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I was checking this Doc about logout: Logout and it says that for facebook user you have to pass an additional requirement. Do you have this in consideration?

Hey! Clicking the provided in docs link results in “Oops!, something went wrong” Auth0 page.

Do you still have this issue?

Can you please show me how are you triggering the logout for the facebook users?