Logout does not log user out

Logout link does not log user out.
The link works, goes to the /out.html page, but when I type into url: /home (or any other @requires_auth page) I am able to enter the page. I need the user to be asked to Log-In again.

Auth0 - Tenant Settings - Advanced - Allowed Logout URLs: (I have 2 added)

My Logout link:
id=“qsLogoutBtn” href="/out">Log Out<

My app.py:
def logout():
params = {‘returnTo’: url_for(‘out’, _external=True), ‘client_id’: AUTH0_CLIENT_ID}
return redirect(auth0.api_base_url + ‘/v2/logout?’ + urlencode(params))

def out():
return render_template(“out.html”)

Hi @neek,

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I see that the “Log Out” links to /out, but it looks like the link would need to navigate to /logout instead if I’m not mistaken.

You may have already spun up the Python Quickstart app, but just in case: Auth0 Python SDK Quickstarts: Login

Ok I’ll try.
Thank you for prompt response

Thank you. It worked!!

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