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Log out returnTo parameter shows Oops!, something went wrong page



I’m having an issue trying to log out a user and redirecting to our website afterwards.

For example, i’m using this url for logging out:

I get a page where it says: Oops!, something went wrong.

When I use the route without the returnTo query parameter, the logout works. (“OK” response)

I searched a lot on the subject and found out I had to configure Allowed Logout URLs, which i did in my auth0 application and also in the tenant section just to make sure.

The allowed logout url I used is this: http://*

But same thing still happens, I cannot get the logout ressource to redirect the browser to my application.

Is there anything I’m missing for this to work?



I found the solution, the required configuration in my case was in the tenant section. I had forgotten to test allowed logout url with the full logout route such has http://*