Redirecting users to logout URL does not logout users

I have an app, and marketplace on two subdomains, and I’m trying to setup a button on the marketplace that will allow users to log out of the app. According to these docs:


I should be able to redirect users from the marketplace to this URL, and it will logout of the app since SSO cookies have been cleared.

So right now I have users redirected following this pattern: 

and I get a 302, however users are not being logged out of the app.

Hi @lucas6,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I have just tested the logout endpoint and did not find the same observations as you. Instead, I managed to log the user out successfully.

In this case, could you please clarify whether you can see if the user has logged out in your Auth0 Dashboard Logs?

And, if the behavior persists, could you please capture a HAR file of the complete auth pipeline from login to logout and DM it to me?

Thank you.

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