Lack of "options" field reference for the Connections Management API (v2)

Hi all,

The /api/v2/connections endpoint expects an options field to be provided when creating/updating Connections, with different options depending on the selected connection strategy.

However, I cannot find any kind of reference for the available / required options for the Management API v2. There are several mentions of the options field in the API Explorer, but there’s no real information on specific options.

I was able to find info about it in the Management API v1 reference, however there are some obvious differences, like the Google G Suite connection strategy is called g-suite in v1, and google-apps in v2.

Any idea where I could find this kind of information for v2? Or is the v1 reference close enough to be safely usable for v2 ?

Use case: I would like to extend the Terraform Auth0 Provider with support for the Google G Suite connections. However, it would be super-useful to have reference about available options.