Trying to use the node-auth0 package to create an OIDC connection, how do I populate the options?

I’m trying to use the node-auth0 package to create an OIDC connection. I don’t see any mechanism to populate the options correctly though.

The call to create a connection takes a ConnectionCreate type. It takes a ConnectionCreateOptions type for “options”. But, ConnectionCreateOptions doesn’t allow passing, for instance, the discovery URL.

If I create the connection via the Web Console, the API call made by the browser to make the connection includes a discovery_url property in options object.

Even when I look at the documentation for the REST API itself, it isn’t clear to me how to do this. The API the browser is using doesn’t seem to match the REST API documentation.

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Hey there @travis.gillitzer welcome to the community!

Thanks for raising this issue as I agree with your observations here - Interestingly, the connection resource of the Terraform provider seems to include the correct config options. Hopefully the maintainers of the library will be able to shed some light on this.

Thanks for your patience!

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