Create Connections via Management API

I was going through the Management API documentation of the Create Connection operation hosted here:!/Connections/post_connections

While this provides a way to create a connection for different social and enterprise strategies, I was wondering where in the API request do I specify aspects to the connection.

For example a SAML connection requires details of the IdP such as the IdP urls, metadata, attributes, protocol, etc. I do not see where in the request these details have to be provided. All the API seems to take as inputs is client Ids and realms which seems incomplete.

Is it assumed that the connection created via API is manually configured through the Auth0 Console UI?


While I understand it may be less than ideal, we do not fully document all connection attributes due to the huge variety between individual connection types.

If, for example, you want to create a SAML connection via the management API, you should first create one via the dashboard. You can then read it using the management API to see the full connection object. You can then use this connection object as a template for future connections you create via the management API.

Alternatively, you could simply capture the HTTP request made from the dashboard when you create a connection. It uses the same endpoints only with the dashboard domain instead.

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Thanks for providing that knowledge @richard.dowinton!

Hi @richard.dowinton, thanks for responding. While I understand that it may be difficult to exhaustively document all options. It would at least be nice if you could at least add a placeholder within the request schema and examples to indicate that such options can/must be passed in the request.

Also would be great if you folks can also add some links to other parts of the documentation where some of these examples are available. It would at least give readers some clue about how the APIs work.

Again, please consider these as humble suggestions.

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