Create Enterprise connection using management API

Does anyone have an example how to create an Samlp connection using the management API.
Specifically - how to assign the PEM certificate, subject and related properties to the request. The documentation is vague and doesnt have a good example of what fields/datatypes are needed in the options section of the CreateConnection api call

Hi @ian.brown ,

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This topic has the sample scripts for creating the Samlp connection using the management API. Hope this helps!

Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for.
After some testing I think that for a samlp connection I the minimum you need in the options is…

signingCert = Base64Encoded string of your PEM file (include begin/end certificate text)
signInEndpoint = the URL for Idp Sign-in (
domain_alias = [array of string]. The domain name/names that this saml supports (

Thank you, @ian.brown , for sharing the minimum options for setting up Samlp connection with us! :pray: :+1:

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