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Hello. I’m looking at the documentation for the management API here: Auth0 Management API v2

Am I just terrible at locating information, or are none of the connection “options” fields documented? :laughing: For example, how can I know which values are valid for the options.bindingMethod field for a samlp connection? I need to know in order to properly construct an update call for a connection.

In case these fields really aren’t documented anywhere, I’ll just straight up ask here: what are the possible values for some of these fields? Here’s an example config object for a samlp connection:

  "options": {
    "metadataUrl": "<snip>",
    "signingCert": "<snip>",
    "signSAMLRequest": false,
    "signInEndpoint": "<snip>",
    "signOutEndpoint": "<snip>",
    "bindingMethod": "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-Redirect",
    "expires": "<snip>",
    "subject": {},
    "thumbprints": [
    "cert": "<snip>",
    "domain_aliases": [],
    "protocolBinding": "",
    "user_id_attribute": "",
    "debug": true,
    "signatureAlgorithm": "rsa-sha1",
    "digestAlgorithm": "sha1",
    "fieldsMapJsonRaw": "{}",
    "fieldsMap": {},
    "idpinitiated": {
      "client_id": "",
      "client_protocol": "oauth2",
      "client_authorizequery": ""

The specific fields I need to know about are:

  • bindingMethod
  • protocolBinding
  • signatureAlgorithm
  • digestAlgorithm

These are all enums, so they probably only support some very specific values. What are those values? These are the kinds of things I would expect to be documented in the API docs I linked above.

Thank you!


Hi @joe3,

Thanks for reaching out on this. It looks like you are correct, the SAML related options aren’t listed. For what reason, I do not know. I’ll be sure to communicate this feedback on to the docs team.

In the mean time, I was able to find some potentially helpful info.

This doc contains protocolBinding:

This doc contains signatureAlgorithm and digestAlgorithm:

Not sure about bindingMethod, although it looks to be related to whatever protocol binding is chosen.

I can try and get some more concrete answers here.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you, Dan! Those docs are helpful, and I look forward to the API docs being updated.

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