Need full documentation for body of PATCH /api/v2/connections/{id}

Missing documentation for some connection options. Specifically, when you try the management API “GET /api/v2/connections” it returns “options” for each connection that include fields “mfa” and “brute_force_protection” that are not documented in the body schema for "PATCH /api/v2/connections/{id}. Also, the connections response does not include fields that are documented such as “ext_groups” and other “ext…” fields.

What are the required fields/parameters for the options object? The documentation does say “if you use the options parameter, the whole options object will be overridden, so ensure that all parameters are present”, which is why it is important to know which parameters are present.

There are lots of posts asking the same question, see Lack of "options" field reference for the Connections Management API (v2) for some answers