How do I know which options to pass when creating ADFS connection through API?

How can I find required/optional params for strategy ‘adfs’ when creating connection via API?

The documentation has not included params for API and I’m getting a missing federation metadata url error.

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The documentation on the API Explorer of the individual options associated with each connection type is something that is already being tracked in the documentation team backlog, but at this time I don’t have any information on timeline; I’ll track the backlog item and leave a note with your feedback.

As a workaround, which I understand is less than ideal, you can review the connection creation steps in the Dashboard so that you know which information is required or can be provided. In addition, if you then inspect the actual HTTP requests and map the UI fields to the payload you’ll also get an idea of the underlying parameter options as at this time the Dashboard request matches the names accepted by the Management API.

Again, the above is a cumbersome hack, but it will likely provide you with additional information until the documentation can be updated. For your convenience I did the above exercise and reached the conclusion that the information I can provide in the Dashboard when creating an ADFS connection translates to the following API payload when providing a metadata URL:

	"options": {

The domain_aliases as stated in the Dashboard are optional and you can remove them.