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Connection Options in Management API

Hey Auth0 and community,

I’ve been wondering, with the Management API and Custom Connections, if there is documentation around the full scope of what I could do?

Currently have federated logout and user profile fetching but was wondering what else is possible through the connection and what Auth0 supports per connection.

Thanks guys!

Hey there @christoph.brinkmann!

Hmm I think I would need more context around what you actually want to achieve to potentially guide you in the right direction :slight_smile:

On the other hand I think to realise what the connections along with Management API can be used for I would go to the API explorer:

and check endpoints and responses you can get to see what elements you can obtain

Hey Konrad,

Thanks for the reply and apologies this took a little while to get back.
I’ve implemented federated logout, as per this post:

and was wondering if there was anything that fully documented what we could do with a social connection, especially as some of the implemented social connections, like Google, appear very different to our own Custom Social Connections.

Thanks again!