What is needed to IdP to integrate with Auth0 as a custom social connection

I’m looking for a detailed specification about Custom Social Connection.
I’d like to know how Auth0 communicates with a backend IdP in authentication.
The background is the following:

  • Our client is building their Identity provider based on OpenID Connect.
  • We want to provide an authentication mechanism implemented with Auth0 configured to use the client’s IdP as a Custom Social Connection.
  • We have to provide detailed information about what is needed to their IdP to connect Auth0.

Is there any document about this?

Any help on this?

Let me share a bit more background.

The IdP built by the client does not support the full specification of OpenID Connect.
It will provide API to support for only Authorization code flow.
My concern is whether it’s able to configure Auth0 to integrate that IdP as a custom social connection.


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