Creating a custom OpenID Connect connection into Auth0

I know that you can add custom OpenID Connections to Auth0 (as in adding a social connection). (An outwards connection).
I want the opposite: (An inwards connection).
Application → Another IDP → OIDC → Auth0
Is there a way to do this?

Yes, the Auth0 service supports acting as the identity provider using either OIDC/OAuth 2.0, SAML and WS-Federation. Your use case falls in the scenario that the tenant/domain is acting as an OIDC identity provider for a client application that you configure in the Clients section of the dashboard.

Technically, the fact that the client application you’re configuring is then also acting as an identity provider is irrelevant to the service. What needs to be supported in that scenario is the following:

  • Auth0 service needs to support acting as an OIDC identity provider - (Fully supported).
  • The Another IDP needs to support acting as an OIDC client application - (Depends on the IDP).

Just to confirm: If I have an IDP that supports client-side OIDC, I can connect this to an Auth0 client by using the Auth0 clientID, secret key etc.?

Yes, you can connect it to Auth0 by using the client identifier and secret assigned to the client application you created in the dashboard to represent that IdP.