How to define custom oidc connection using oidc-discovery plus great user experience

I would like to create a “custom social connection” to an custom-built identity provider
using OIDC rather than plain oauth2.

But I could not find any documentation at auth0 for this usecase.

I expected kind of this

but with oidc-discovery (using https://idp-host/.well-known/openid-configuration )
like auth0 did it here

and maybe some example code for id-token extraction, mapping etc.

Well, come on auth0, even aws cognito can do oidc-discovery :wink:
I always thought auth0 was some steps ahead in “useful and usable services about auth” :wink:

I could even imagine having “generic oidc idp” das first-class citizen in
the main “social connections” section – why not?

An hints appreciated.


We now have an enterprise OIDC connection:

This uses the discovery doc to determine the endpoints, etc. Note that it’s still in beta and has limited grant type support.

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