Custom IDP logout endpoint doesn't get called as part of federated logout

We’re currently evaluating Auth0 by creating a proof-of-concept web app. We integrate with our custom OAuth 2.0 OpenID provider (an IDP built on top of ASOS OpenIdConnect Server) via Auth0 Custom Social Connections extension.

Unfortunately, the logout endpoint of our IDP doesn’t get invoked as a part of the Auth0’s federated logout (https://{OurWebApp}{OurWebAppcClientId}). There is no even place to configure it inside Custom Social Connections (only Authorization URL and Token URL can be configured there, AFAIK).

The docs say “Auth0 supports use of the logout endpoint with the following providers … OAuth 1.0 2.0 …”, however our IDP’s logout endpoint is just being ignored (as we can tell from the network trace of the browser F12 tools)

Are we missing something? Is there a way to get it invoked as part of the Auth0 logout flow? We could of course be calling it directly from our web app, but that would create an unwanted coupling between IDP and web app, killing the idea of the IDP being pluggable and independent.

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