Invite user by email and set their password

I have an email address of a user

I’d like to create a user and send them an email with a link to set their password and activate their account. When they click the link in the email it should take them to a web page with an input field to set their password.

How do i do this?

When i try to create a user now it forces me to set a password however i don’t want to create a password here, the user should do this.
Also i could see a “reset” password however this would be confusing from an invitation flow as they would have never set one originally. So ideally don’t want to send them to a “change password” page it would be a “set password” page.

The 'Invite-only" flow (Send Email Invitations for Application Signup) requires the forms and logic to be hosted in my application, is there a way to use the forms and logic hosted in Auth0 instead?



The hosted reset password page can be customized so if you want to avoid the use of forms managed in your own application you may consider the possibility of customizing that page so that it conditionally displays an UI based on if it’s a first-time user (Set your password) or a recurring user just looking to change/reset their password.

Did you find a way to solve this problem?

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