Creating new user documentation incomplete. Can't send email to set password

I’ll be referencing the information at Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

According to the documentation, this should be the process flow to create a user and send them an invitation to set their password.

  1. Administrator creates a user account.
  2. Administrator sends a registration email invitation to the user.
  3. User follows a link in the invitation email to set up a password for the account.
  4. User creates and verifies a password.
  5. User signs in.

There are issues…

  • Administrator creates a user account.
    You can do this with the management API following the information here.
    Auth0 Management API v2
    This creates a user in the database and sends a welcome email.

  • Having changed the password-reset email and making a call to Auth0 Management API v2 a ticket link is created that would presumably go into the welcome email to set the password. However, nothing is sent.

  • If I’ve created the user and the password reset ticket, how do I actually send the email with the ticket link? There doesn’t seem to be any information anywhere on how to do that.

Hi @brian14,

To send the email invitation for the user to set their password, you can either:

  1. Generate the Password Reset Link and then send the link to the user manually using your own Email Provider.
  2. Call the Authentication API’s Change Password endpoint and it will send the email to the user.

I would recommend option 2. as it is easier and does not require you to send the email with your own email provider.

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