Create Auth0 User and let them set their password in the invite email

I’m using Management API V2 to create users and I’m setting their password in the creation process.
After that they’re receiving an invitation email to confirm their email address because I’m setting the parameter “verify_email” to true.

What I need to do is:
1- Create User
2- Send the user an invitation email so they can confirm their email address.
3- Giving them the option to set their own password, instead of me setting it in the creation process “step 1”

I looked up in the community before asking, and I found that I can trigger password reset flow upon the creation, is there any different way to do it? because this doesn’t look like the correct way to do it, there should be a way to do so.


Hello @basela,

You will need to supply a password of some sort when creating the user, as it is a required parameter. I would just generate secure throwaway passwords for this purpose. As you have noted, the solution is to then trigger a change password email.

You should be able to do this with a rule that implements logic along the lines of:

if user.last_password_reset does not exist:
    trigger a change password email event
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thanks for they reply, we will try it out and see how it goes.

Hello guys, we are going to implement the same pipeline with the invitation email. @markd suggesting to trigger a password reset based on the rule, but as far as I understand rules are triggered only on successful login, so we will have to include the initial password to the verification email? Is there any way to avoid this?


Was there ever a solution to this?

Still no solution? Allowing the customer to create his/her own password is critical for us. Without that, what is the reason for us to use Auth0?

This is the suggested flow for user invites:

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