Make Auth0 send password reset email or welcome email when user is created thru Management API

I’m creating a user using Management API v2 Auth0 Management API v2
User is created successfully.
Then I need to send welcome email or password reset email, so user is able to set his/her own password. But I cannot find a method to do so…
I have tried this article Send Email Invitations for Application Signup.
Password reset endpoint from Manabement API v2 works well. But seems that it only provides password link and doesn’t send email.
The question is, can Management API v2 send password reset email or welcome email? Or this is should be implemented on my own?

Hi @yemelyanenko.fyodor,

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As long as the Welcome email template is enabled, there should be a Welcome email sent automatically even when you create users with the Management API. We do not have a way to send a password reset email automatically upon user creation in the same way, though it can be done though the /dbconnections/change_password endpoint of the Authentication API right after user creation:

This endpoint will send an email with a password reset link rather than the
/api/v2/tickets/password-change endpoint which will only return a password reset link.


Thank you @david_wisecarver for reply.
It seems that Auth0Net.DependencyInjection is not supporting dbconnections. So I should make direct API calls, w/o C# Management client, right?

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