Password set up for new users


Currently, after I set up a new account ID in the system the user gets an email and then they need to log in with their account ID and then use the ‘Reset password’ option to set up their password for the first time. This is not intuitive and can be quite confusing as it’s not a natural flow.

I’d like to let users set up their own password - Ideally they would get a welcome email and then be prompted to complete their account setup and select a password (not by using the reset password option…).

I saw in this thread a suggestion to customise the reset password page and display it conditionally for password setup and /or password reset. Is this relevant? How can I do it in the system?

If that’s not possible, I’d love to hear how other people are setting up their users and/or other suggestions.

Many thanks!

It can be confusing to a new sign up to have to go via the reset password route and agree it doesnt seem very fluid in the process. I found a solution by using the search function in the forum. Cheers.