Invite User without setting password


is there an easy way to just invite user to auth0 without settings the password since regulation would not allow us this.

So workflow is user shoudk be deativated until the user sets his own password.

Also we dont want to make the reset page look like an invite page since we want to also use a proper reset page :smiley:

Anyway to do it properly, from our point of view this flow should be a standard to choose, i was just wondering why is still need to set password on invitiation because there are a lot regulations in place in some countries that dont allow setting the password for a user.

I dont even see that there is an action to force the user to reset their password its just that an admin can set the password. This is a No-Go. :confused:

Hi @fabian.boerner

Just set the password to a random string and immediately discard that. You can also try creating the user without a password, that may work.

Then the user must reset their password to login, using the standard password reset flow. You can send the password reset email immediately, or they can kick it off themselves from the login page.