Importing users without a password

I have a small list of users who have signed up for my service but do not have passwords.

I would like to import these users in to Auth0 without a password but I need to direct them to set their password for the first time.

How could I achieve that using Auth0, is it possible to invite users for the first time where they just have to enter a new password?

There’s a docs page for this use case,

however it only mentions the raw API endpoints for email verification / email reset.

One approach that isn’t mentioned on that page is the use of Rules.

You could create a rule that checks for the user.last_password_reset attribute and if such isn’t set, you would trigger the password reset flow, also within the Rule, via Management API call.

These sample rules might be worth a look:

Thanks, I think I can use the Authentication API here to send a reset email to each user:, and then redirect them to login.

I can modify the email wording slightly to make it sound more like a first time setup. It’s is just a small migration right now for an MVP with a few hundred users so can get away with something pretty basic.