Auth0 User Migration First time users w/o password

Hello ,

We are trying to import users to Auth0 database without password , how can we achieve that?

Can we configure something like below:

If user do not have password in his profile , Auth0 will prompt for set password .

Hi @rshah

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The described flow can be achieved with the Email Invitation for the Application Signup; check this doc page → Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

There’s also a similar thread by other user → Importing users without a password - #2 by mathiasconradt


Thank you for response .

Can we do below .

We have 200 users, we do have passwords for 150 users . Can we send email invitation for only those 50 users whose passwords are not available to us .

Can we bulk import users w/o password and trigger password reset link on those users ?

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