Information about translating email subjects is outdated

Hi, while reading Customize email subject for multi language I went ahead and tried to insert some Liquid syntax (shown below) into the email subject field and noticed it worked anyway despite the conflicting information in the thread mentioned above.

Considering the thread (and several others) is one of the top results when looking for “Auth0 email subject translation” I think it’d be useful to add an update to the documentation and other top results so other users aren’t misled by this 3-year old thread.

{% if user.user_metadata.lang == 'nl' %}Wachtwoord wijzigen{% elsif user.user_metadata.lang == 'fr' %}Modifier le mot de passe{% else %}Change password{% endif %}

The snippet above works :tada:

Hopefully this can be picked up :clap:

Hi @ian.emsens.icapps,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Thanks for the documentation feedback and for posting a solution! I’ll pass this along to the appropriate team.


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Additionally, I archived the out-of-date topic.

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