Verify email - Email Subject Translation

Hello auth0 support,

I’m opening this ticket to echo the thread already opened a few years ago here.

We’re currently using new universal login flow in order to get verify emails translated accorded to the preferred language detected on user device (locale used on his browser).

Unfortunately, the email subject is not translated, and says “Verify your email”.
Could we get support on this in order to translate it, it’s kind of misleading for users to have the entire body / content translated but not the title when they open the email to verify their account recently created.

FYI, we already spoke to our TAM (we got an enterprise membership) who told us to open a support ticket.

Many thanks for your support on this,

All the best,

Lorenzo DI VITA

Hi @lorenzo.divita ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

This article explains how to submit feedback or feature request to our Product team.

To add the email subject in multi-language feature to the future release, please fill in the feedback form, and click on Vote.

Thank you!