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How do I submit Product feedback or feature requests?


We strongly encourage you to submit product feedback or feature requests through our Product Feedback form.

To learn why, and how this works, please read on (you can also check out our blog post Improve Auth0 with the new Feedback Page):

Q: Why? I already came to Community to share my feedback!

A: We greatly appreciate the product feedback received in the Community forum, and we encourage you to continue to do this! Public discussions about feedback are very important so that the members of our community can participate in a conversation along with employees of Auth0.

However, there are some times when we may direct you to this FAQ and to the feedback form. We do this because it’s essential for our Product team to receive some types of feedback and requests directly.

It’s important for us to track specific requests and understand use cases. This is one reason that it’s especially valuable to submit individual feedback, even if — or especially if — you’re participating in a community topic to agree with feedback or requests others have also expressed. In this way, your individual feedback can be tied to your context, scenario, and personal contact information, rather than being reported as one aggregated request shared by several people.

Q: What information should I include when filling out the Feedback form?

When submitting feedback, the more context you can provide the better. Please include:

  • description of feedback or request, with context / use-case as applicable
  • your company
  • tenant name
  • related ticket numbers (if applicable)
  • and if you’ve had discussions with support

Q: What happens after I submit feedback?

A: All feedback that goes into the form is triaged and read by human beings. You will not receive any automated email responses. Our Product team will do its best to reach out via email to let you know that your feedback has been received, and possibly ask follow-up questions or arrange a call to discuss your use case or problem further. Please know that while every piece of feedback will be read, submission of feedback doesn’t necessarily ensure action.

We review all feedback for patterns and map ideas so that we can draw on customer insights as we continue to develop the Auth0 platform. Should we release a feature that a customer has been requesting, we will notify everyone who has submitted related feedback. This notification might come as a dashboard notification or via a feature-related blog post.

In Community, we will also do our best to both make an announcement topic, as well as to share an update in relevant, ongoing discussions.

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