Common Questions about Email Verification

Introduction: Get answers to the most common questions about User Management Email Verification.

1. Can we customize the subject of the verify account email template to support multi-languages?

Answer: This feature is not supported as of the current design. This community topic has the same request.

2. Can we mark users who have verified their account as not verified?

Answer: the email verification status is set in accordance with the value returned by the IdP. Therefore, we can not mark users as not verified after they have verified their account.

3. Why customers using the Auth0 built-in email provider do not receive emails after signup.

Answer: The Auth0 built-in email provider should only be used for testing and it has limitations. Please configure an external email provider for your tenant. Here are the detailed steps.

4. Can we set up a secondary/recovery email in the application to handle the case when users have trouble logging in with their primary email?

Answer: Auth0 does not have built in support for handling or verifying a secondary email. But Auth0 supports two ways to change user passwords. Please check here.

5. Can we turn off email verification email?

Answer: Yes. On the Auth0 dashboard, Branding → Email Templates → Verification Email using link → turn off the status.

6. Can we customize the “Your email has been verified” landing page?

Answer: Yes. This article explains how to customize the new universal login landing pages. The prompt should be set as “email-verification”.

7. How to confirm a user has verified their account and provide them with additional instructions?

Answer: We can customize the Redirect To field in the email templates to redirect users to a page that has the additional instructions. Details are explained here.