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Email verification for some but not all applications

We have multiple applications but only want to turn on email verification for a couple of them. Is this possible, and how can we do it? I couldn’t (easily) find documentation for this use case. Thanks!

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You can put verify_email flag true/false when user gets register on the basis of application client_id, creating a RULE. Create a Rule and check client_id and set the verify_email flag accordingly.


Thanks a lot for sharing that knowledge here @rashid779939!

Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s the program that might be of your interest:

Thanks - just setting verify_email in the user object will tell Auth0 to send an email?

The solution you marked doesn’t seem to be working. Can you please link to the documentation which could help or provide more information?
Just setting verify_email on the user object doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Correct, I believe setting this field would be enough to send verification email. But i think the exact fields name is email_verified and its boolean. That’s the reason you couldn’t receiving verification email.