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Your email address could not be verified

I am creating new users via the management API and on creation they are being sent a verification email which is great, however whenever a user clicks on the link on one of these emails they get an error page saying “Your email address could not be verified” despite this the email_verified flag does seem to be updated to true. Cant seem to find anything in the logs, would prefer the users of our system didnt see the failure message, keen to try and work out why they are getting it, any thoughts,

code used for creating users below

const newUser: CreateUserData = {
    email: '',
    email_verified: false,
    password: 'S0mePa$$w0rd',
    connection: 'Username-Password-Authentication'
    app_metadata: { isJudge: true },
  const result = (await auth0.createUser(newUser)) as User<UserAppMeta>

after creation i am also assigning them a role using

 await auth0.assignRolestoUser({ id: result.user_id }, { roles: [process.env.JudgeRoleId] })

any thoughts welcome


I’ve never been able to reproduce it myself, but we’re currently onboarding about 40 test users to a new app using Auth0 and I’ve got a handful of reports saying the same thing. And as far as I know they’ve all actually been verified despite this error from Auth0. Pretty weird

Hey there @stein!

Are you sure it’s only a false message and those users are verified?