Customize email subject for multi language

Good morning, I would like to customize the email subject field for multi language.

At the moment I only know this text input:


but how could make it dynamic (ie: english user will have an english subject, russian user will have a russian subject, spanish user will have a spanish subject and so on)? My issue is that it isn’t generated through the source code but it seems to be a fixed input in the back end panel UI.

Thanks in advance

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Sorry for a bit of delay. Have you tried using Liquid Syntax and customize the subject field based on variables:

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Good morning, I was able to make the message body dynamic with the tutorial you posted but I can’t do the same thing with the subject because I can’t write conditional code but I can only access a text field in the dashboard.

I would like to write something like this:

{% if user.user_metadata.lang == ‘es’ %}
Hola {{ }}, …
{% elsif user.user_metadata.lang == ‘it’ %}
Ciao {{ }}, …
{% else %}
Hi {{ }}, …
{% endif %}

inside the subject field.

These are two images about what I have done:

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I managed to discuss that and it’s only doable for the message body, in subject field you can only use common variables. I would highly encourage you to advocate for that feature by providing product feedback to our product managers via our product feedback form here: