Multilinguality recognition

Hi there,
I am about to setup the email templates to be used in various languages.

My question is how does Auth0 recognize the language of the User that has requested the password change for example. Depending on the region here in switzerland the language will change between french, german and italian.

Thank you for your help,


Hey there!

Unfortunately it’s not that straightforward. In order to achieve that you will need to utilise this document:

and more precisely this common variable:


By using this and liquid syntax (conditional statements) you should be able to adjust subject and message of the email

Hi Konrad,

Thank you for your reply.

I am already customizing the Templates with the Liquid Syntax in order for them to be available in different languages.

What I was wondering, how does Auth0 recognize that it has to send an email in french or german? Within the user Account, it is not possible to set the language, only in the Tenant settings.

Thank you,