Enable translations for emails

We have built an exchange application for a customer where we use Auth0 for Sign-up/in and 2FA.

We’re using the new universal login experience which we have set up to translate into Spanish and French, based on the user’s OS language.

We can’t currently work out how to enable translations for emails from Auth0. It seems like we need to manually store the user’s language preference and then read it in the email template.

But we don’t know how to store the user’s language preference using the new universal login experience.

Can you please let us know how to approach this?

Many thanks in advance!


We’ve stumbled across the problem as well. TL;DR is that Auth0 does not offer first-lass support for this, nor are there any plans to support it in the near future. Most of the responses from Auth0 suggest leveraging liquid syntax conditionals in your templates based on the user’s locale. The suggestion for accessing a user’s locale is to save it inuser_metadata and reference it in your templates. This is also an issue because it can quickly get out of sync with Universal Login pages, as they do not account for user metadata locale, but from system/browser locale(How to detect language in the Email Template base on trigger page's language? - #4 by NeilShang).

Stumbling upon this Community Feature Request, there’s a custom tool for this. We ended up using the same approach.

Hope this helps!