I suddenly have lost access to my main tenant in auth0 dashboard

Hi people!

I’m working on an application for one of the US government agencies and we plan to use Auth0 as the identity/auth provider (they are obviously a paying customer in the future).

It all was amazing until today. I have pretty old account of mine that I was doing POC of the app and recently I was invited to another tenant by someone else. It was all good.

Today I logged in to my auth0 dashboard and I only am able to access this one tenant I was recently added to, and my old default account tenant is missing and the tenant switch button is disabled.

My already created integration within the app works absolutely fine. It’s just the auth0 dashboard issue. I cannot adjust app settings or get into users management etc because I do not longer have access to my old tenant.

Can anybody help me with this one?

EDIT: I’m located in Poland and the tenant was in the eu region. I’m pretty sure I’m not falling into recently announced ban for some specific regions enforced by the US laws.

Hi @dawidurbanski ,

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I have replied to you via the direct message you created. This is due to you used to log in with the Github connection and your new login is with Auth0 login. To access both tenants, please login with the connection which has access to your previous tenant and send invitation to your email to gain access to both tenants.

Hope this helps!

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You were absolutely correct. Thank you @lihua.zhang , I wouldn’t have thought of that.

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