Cannot find/access tenant associated with admin email

Hi there,

Over a year ago I created a new application tenant in Auth0 for a personal project of mine. The email address I used to administer the tenant was also associated with an existing account and another tenant for a different application. Today when I logged in with my email to the Auth0 admin, I only saw the first application tenant in my account, and there were no options available under the “Switch Tenant” dropdown. I confirmed that I received a verification email for the second tenant, and I’m able to use the universal login page for the second tenant as well, so I know the tenant exists and is working - I just can’t seem to access the admin dashboard for it. I can provide more details for verification as necessary.

Hey there!

Can you send me the email that you’re using via private message here in the forum by clicking on my avatar so I can investigate and handle that for you? Thanks!