Lost access to two tenants?

I was editing some configuration in one of my tenants and I randomly got an authentication error then had to logout. Upon logging in I no longer see two of my previously created tenants? I can still login using their clients/users, I can still update them using the deploy CLI so they are still there. I just randomly lost access? (I am the only active admin in the tenants so I would not have been removed)

Hey @cameron4, we did have a regression in US-4 region earlier today that was reverted soon after. This led to admins being unable to access these tenants during this period. Can you confirm you are able to log in now?

The core services of these tenants were not affected - only the admin dashboard access.

I am still unable to login to these tenants.

EDIT: Logged out then back in and I do have access to the tenants again. I did check the status page and did not see any regression today: https://status.auth0.com. How should I track these events moving forward?

Thanks for confirming. I believe this was not posted due to low severity - only a small subset of tenants being affected. But you are right that https://status.auth0.com is the right place to track any incidents.

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