Tenant disappeared

I have two tenants (a primary that I use in production and a “sandbox” that I use for test & debug). A few minutes ago, I refreshed a page in my web app that had loaded fine just a minute ago, but this time, it just hung. Eventually, it timed out, and an Auth0 error page appeared. I logged into my Auth0 to check out the error logs. It was then that I realized my “sandbox” tenant had vanished without a trace. The feature that lets you switch to a different tenant is now disabled, and if I try to view my tenants in my account dashboard, I only see one. Not sure what happened, but this is quite unsettling. Please help!

my tenants appears too, and also all my application is gone, please help !!! ,
my email zack.zhu@4pl.plus

Hi @sdtf,

We’ve identified there’s an ongoing issue causing the Authentication and Management API down for a percentage of tenants https://status.auth0.com/incidents/s0qyy8jd0zvj . We are in the process of investigating the issue.

Best regards,

Supun Sudaraka
Developer Support Engineer - Auth0

Hi @sdtf,

Our engineering team has deployed a fix and we are currently monitoring its status. Could you kindly verify that everything works for you as expected?

Thank you.

Everything should be working as expected now. Let us know if any of you still experience any issues!

Thanks. Had to log out of my Auth0 dashboard and back in, but looks like my sandbox tenant is now back, and I’m once again able to debug my site.

Perfect! Super delighted to hear that! Sorry once more for the inconvenience!

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