How to change sign in with apple text in finnish locale?

I tried submitting my react-native app to app store. I’ve implemented sign in with apple, and it seems to be working ok. But once I uploaded my app to app store for review, they said it is not okay, since the text ‘Sign in with apple’ in Finnish language (the language used in the app) is not correct. More specifically, this is what they said:

"Your app uses Sign in with Apple as a login option but does not use the appropriate Sign in with Apple button design, branding, and/or user interface elements as described in the Sign in With Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Specifically:

  • The  Sign in with Apple and  Sign up with Apple say Kirjaudu Apple and Rekisteröidy Apple but should use the following localized versions: Kirjaudu sisään Applella / Rekisteröidy Applella."

So currently in login it says: Kirjaudu Apple. When it should say: Kirjaudu sisään Applella. Also in registration it currently says: Rekisteröidy Apple, but it should say: Rekisteröidy Applella.

Now how can I change these texts and where? I tried searching from the settings of my app in auth0 dashboard, but could not find any easy way to do it. Plz help.

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Could you provide screenshots of the screens you are referencing? Just so, I can confirm if this is something that can be updated or not.

Thanks in advance!

Here it is the text: ‘Kirjaudu Apple’. Same thing also in registering with apple.


I’m not sure if this is something that can be changed., my thoughts are that it can’t be updated. But i have submitted a ticket to our engineering team to confirm this.

Apple generally has really strict rules around how the button should appear.


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If you only need it in Finnish and not localized, you can try the following:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN " -X PATCH -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{“display_name”:“Applella”}’ https://api/v2/connections/<connection_id>


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Thanks for sharing this workaround Karen!


Yeah I only need it in finnish.

Was able to figure one workaround for this, though it comes with a cost. For the review, I changed the login screen to english, and it passed the review. Now that the app is in appstore, I was able to then change the auth0 login/register pages back to finnish. Problem with this approach though is that if I wish to provide an update to my app, I then need to change it back to english for the review time, and then switch back to finnish after the review.

@karen1Thanks for providing that workaround. Im afraid though that it is not enough for apple. Since what apple wants is this: ‘Kirjaudu sisään Applella’. So if I only change display_name to: ‘Applella’, it would read like this: ‘Kirjaudu Applella’. Apple also wants the register page to be different: ‘Rekisteröidy Applella’. For that the workaround you provided might be enough, but since the login page would be wrong according to apple, it would not pass the review =/.

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We’re here for you @villemiekkoja!

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